About us

We are a hybrid travel management company, with web of partners worldwide.

Now this means, whatever amazing experience you dream of within the gamut of services we render, you can go to sleep, and with peace of mind, knowing everything will be done professionally and to your specification. We pride ourselves in delivering more than your expectations

We are a team of incredible travel experts (you could call us mavericks!) from diverse experience and culture, but with the same travel genes, committed to delivering only ‘wow’ personalized services.

We are stress crushers, best prices and deals’ mongers, minutest detail freaks, travel advice Methuselahs, and customers’ smiles addicts.


For us, it is not only about the money, yes we love money! But we are fuelled with travel passion!  And, we love to listen to you first- your budget, your dreams, and a lot more before giving you our expert advice. That’s why, we are the king of luxury and Emir of budget travels.

Be it holiday around the globe, most affordable flight, hotel, airport transfer bookings, meet and greet, Conference organization, University admissions abroad, Job placement in the Middle East or Latin America, visa assistance,  and lots more, our TRAVEL METHUSELAS will deliver!